Welcome to Aeries Online Enrollment
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Please do NOT use this application if your child is already actively enrolled in one of our schools unless directed to do so by your current school. Questions please contact your current school.  Current Preschool to TK/Kdg will need to enroll online.   Current year end 6th/8th graders going to Jr/Sr High within TRUSD do NOT need to enroll again online.  You have already been pre-enrolled to your next home school based on your address. Your Jr/Sr High school will be in contact with you over the next few months. Please contact your current school for more information and to confirm.


Welcome to Twin Rivers Unified School District Online Enrollment. Online enrollment allows you to quickly start the process of registering your child for school. Information about your child such as emergency contacts, medical, and language information will be collected. The online process typically takes between 20-30 minutes. If you are unable to complete the process in one sitting, you may logout and resume the process at a later time.


To use the system:

  • You must have a valid address within the Twin Rivers Unified School District boundaries.
  • You must have a valid email address. No email address? Google provides free accounts.
  • You may need to use a computer to complete this process. The Online Enrollment system does not work as well with mobile or notebook devices.


To get started registering a new student, click the Enroll a New Student button.

Once an account has been created, you can enroll another child by clicking Enroll a New Student.

  • Choose the correct year.
  • At the Required Information click Next again.
  • At the Login page, log in as an existing user.

This will allow some information that was input for the previous student to auto-fill responses for the student you are currently enrolling.

Upon completion of the online registration, the student’s information is electronically sent to the school, but registration is not complete until all required documentation is verified. Please note, during the school year it may be necessary to transfer your child from one classroom to another or to another Twin Rivers Unified School District school in order to comply with the state and district laws and policies on class size.

If you need further assistance and support, contact Student Services or your home school.